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Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek (CPO) is a non-governmental organisation focused on building of peace, protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms and nonviolent methods of conflict resolution at the individual, group, and political level. Our vision is sustainable peace. Our mission is building society based on a culture of nonviolence.

One of the core activities of the Centre for Peace is providing legal aid to marginalised and socially deprived groups as well as the work on advocating the implementation of antidiscrimination policies and principles of good governance. Until present, CPO has provided free legal aid to around 65.000 people.

Within the process of dealing with the past, the Centre assumed an active role by monitoring war crime trials. Our documentation about war crime trials contains legal documentation (indictments, transcripts, verdicts) as well as monitoring reports, case studies and analytical reports of more than 230 cases of war crime trials. In connection to this, the Centre also provides support to the victims of war and families of missing persons in accessing competent state institutions. CPO has been implementing numerous EU projects that are related to the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants at a local level.

In addition, the Centre is active in numerous national, regional and European networks to support European solidarity, peacebuilding and nonviolent education. It has 2 decades of experience of working on nonviolent conflict resolution and peace education: we have organised numerous workshops and seminars on dialogue, non-violent conflict resolution and mediation for teachers, pupils, religious communities, civil society organisations, war veterans etc. We have also experience in promoting and advocating the inclusion of peer mediation in schools. So far, we published 11 books (mostly practitioner’s manuals) dealing with non-violent communication, peaceful conflict resolution and mediation.

Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek established in 2009 the award for the promotion of peace-making, nonviolence and human rights in the honour of one of its founders, peace activist and humanist Krunoslav Sukić. The Award for the Promotion of Peacebuilding, Nonviolence and Human Rights "Krunoslav Sukić" is presented for an outstanding contribution in protection and promotion of human rights and liberties as well as the admirable and consistent efforts in promoting the culture of peace and nonviolence. With this Award, the Centre for Peace wishes to make a contribution to visibility of consistent, creative, based on solidarity and/or brave work of individuals aiming to prevent violence, reduce social injustice and build a democratic society based on the culture of nonviolence. We believe that by celebrating and expressing gratitude for actions aimed at common good that is shared and beneficial for all citizens encourages and motivates individuals to use their citizen’s political power in favour of their personal growth and positive social changes.


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