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Nolbyskolan celebrates their results

All staff event at Nolbyskolan in Alingsås, Sweden, April 23rd 2019.

To strengthen the school community all staff was invited to reflect on and be informed about the success of their work within the LCP- project. Together they had participated in the yearlong LCP process. They had gone through the identification of important areas of improvement, choosing what areas to start with, reflecting on the reasons behind their difficulties and decided the actions to be taken. The whole school put their actions into developing the pedagogical content and organization around breaks as well as working on common values and rules.

Toshiyasu Tsuruhara, the impact evaluator from Cambridge University, came to Alingsås to present his findings. This was the first time all staff understood that their positive result also had been measured. The impact evaluation concluded:

• A listening culture emerged in Nolbyscholan through the values and rules project.

• The breaktime project promoted the communication between the pupils and staff.

As a result, Nolbyscholan succeeded to create a safe space for pupils and staff members.

The principal Ann Cathrine Backmark congratulated and thanked the staff for their huge efforts. Many teacher expressed that they themselves could recognize the results and feel the difference from before LCP was initiated. One teacher said "I feel that we have less conflict situations between the pupils to handle and that the atmosphere among staff is less stressed and more friendly and cooperative.”

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